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Moreover, throughout, the patient also continued on the oral Temozolomide chemotherapy (there was no negative interaction).

It has also been more loosely studied in other fields of medicine as well (i.e. Because it is a rather simple chemical to make, it is considered a fairly inexpensive medicine. As a consequence of this publicity, whether I wanted my patients to or not, the use of DCA for the treatment of their cancer(s) had become more of a common theme (i.e. Internet websites were popping up all over the place, selling DCA and providing treatment advice.

Moreover, because of its simplicity and low cost, most drug companies do not pay much attention to its use because of the more limited money or profit which can be generated as compared to medicines which are patentable or where the intellectual property (IP) can be secured. Michelakis had managed to stir about DCA and its relationship in cancer care and also exposing some of the politics behind getting non-patentable and lower cost medicines into more main-stream medicine. Since that time, here in Canada and in the United States, DCA has been placed into a prescription category and its use has become more limited and regulated.

After a series of attempts in recommending treatment ideas, I introduced the possibility of DCA.

I shared with the patient’s husband my personal views and preliminary observations about using DCA and its potential to target cancers in the brain and central nervous system.

It has a history in medicine for helping to treat a group of metabolic diseases (i.e.

mitochondrial genetic diseases) in children primarily but also in adults for several decades.

I had initial concerns whether this was a good effect or a negative effect (which I later learned was OK).