Start Teens dating possesive boyfriends

Teens dating possesive boyfriends

The plan was simple, done before, when the others left in the morn, Jill would stay behind, her mom running late, happened alot or sometimes I dropped her off, nothing unusual.

Sure I had fantasies, all guys have that fantasy, tagging the nubile teens hanging round his house, dressed like they wanted it, but it wasnt an obsession, I still dated, having been divorced for years, I had custody, my kid going to her deranged moms moms house every other weekend, had women to fuck on those weekends, a few quickies when the daughter had a sleepover, so I was all right, not a drooling, leering horndog.

Jill was peaches, going into a whole, over the top sarcastic drama about how we were madly in love, screwing on the washer, the other girls giggling, lots of ewws at Jills graphic description, fuck the cunts, I found my girl, cringing at that bit of tripe, brief wallowing in pity, at my inability to stop my feelings for her, quickly overtaken by pride, for Jills ability to deflect my bitchy daughters agression, knew Jill would be fine in life, she was wise and clever, her ability to grab everyones attention, she was a true diamond in the rough, so much potential, the semihorrible thought, wish she was my kid, thats something.

I entered the room, giving her a sly, I heard everthing wink, receiving the best smile, right to my heart, leaving the kids to their teen flick, feeling right that we delayed the inevitable, wanted to make it perfect, not some rushed, standing up in the mudroom shit, Jill deserved to be shown how wild it could all be, or maybe I was just being selfish, either or, I was getting into Jills pussy soon.

With her tongue in my mouth, her hand on my cock, one of my hands mauling a tit, the other snaked into her burning cunt against her panties, the feel perfect, fat, soft lips, steamy, her cunt smell luring me deeper, my finger sliding in, her gasp, the way her lips grabbed my finger, pulled it in, she wanted cock, Ill take that to my grave.