Start Strike the blood 22 online dating

Strike the blood 22 online dating

I have tested twice and came Negative the last two Years in 2013 & 2014, he found out in 2015 that he is infected.. now my thighs have rush that comes n go n very itchy.I HIV too confused Reply to Anonymous | 2 comments (hide) I just found out my girlfriend is positive and she's being sick with types of signs like flu and rash all over and when I asked her she told me she had been like this since childhood but yesterday she tested positive and I used to be with her unprotected now I wanna test but I don't know if it is going to show if I'm positive since its early to check, I am panicking about this how can I deal with this after all. I don't know her blood group.we've been having protected sex but I still fear coz I do kiss her deeply!! Reply to Anonymous I have been staying with my partner for 11 years and she is HIV on O- blood group and im negative with O .

The girl is positive because we never checked our status 10 years ago but very healthy on trearment and her mom.

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Course I don't knw my blood type plzzz help me Reply to anonymous My borfrnd tested hiv negative hes an o blood type a year ago we had en infection .pass me en hiv while hes sleeping with someone hus is hiv positive while he himself is hiv negative bt o blood type Reply to pam My baby's father is HIV positive, I don't know if he got it while we were together or b4 bcos he has been cheating, but me and our baby are HIV negative, we tested together when our child was 4 months in 2014, the guy has been on ARVs since then, we have been using protection ever since even though they blast sometimes I am still negative. I also have a child with an HIV positive guy, we tested together after the baby was born bcos he was sick and he is HIV positive but I'm HIV negative, he has been on ARVs for 2 years now and I'm still negative, I dnt know which blood group I am under.

I don't know which blood group I fall under Reply to Anonymous | 1 comment (hide) I am also in the same predecarment. Our baby is now 2 yrs nd 4 months and very healthy nd HIV negative.

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My doctor advised that she must continue with treatment until the cure is available. My worry is i don't kknow about the sefty of my child....