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Most of our dreams are entirely insignificant – a simple rehashing of the hopes, worries and fantasies which occupied our minds during the day.

Could a prophet “interpret” his prophecy in a nice way and change the future?

While there, they may interact with other spiritual entities, such as angels, and may hear (or overhear) some of what the future holds in store for man.

The message may be actual prophecy, or simply an omen – depending upon the level of being which communicates with the soul.

I have recently been having a disturbing dream involving someone close to me. The Talmud further lists many types of dreams (e.g.

Likewise, in the Torah people such as Joseph and Pharaoh experienced prophetic dreams.

(The ability to reinterpret a dream may depend how prophetic the dream is.

The more prophetic the dream, the harder it is to transform it through our words.

A few other possible indications of significance appear in the Talmud (55b): if the dream repeats itself, is about other people, or is dreamt right before waking in the morning.