Start Husband who bullies and is intimidating

Husband who bullies and is intimidating

Exact terms of the offence are yet to be defined, but it could involve humiliating, frightening or intimidating a partner, keeping them away from friends or family or restricting their access to money.

Common signs are threats against the opposing counsel, obnoxious behavior and raised voices.“The reason for this is because the bully wants to gain a tactical advantage,’’ says Enriquez.

“When it occurs from the bench it does more damage to the public’s confidence in the judicial system than any attorney misconduct.”Judicial bullying can occur due to a judge’s personal insecurity (“rather than learn the job, he or she uses the position to instill fear and intimidate parties; a judge should be welcoming”), lack of an understanding as to the proper role of a judge and a reluctance to do the job (“decide, rule, try the case”).

He cites examples of judicial bullying, including: Donnelly’s advice to lawyers who find themselves standing before a bullying judge is to stand up for yourself and your client, make a record, refuse to meet in chambers and report the activity to disciplinary council.“The bully judge is just like the kid on the playground -- they only listen to one thing and that is the people who will stand up to them,’’ Donnelly said.

Or he’d make a statement and then say ‘Oh, but you’re too young to know that.’”Words like “dear,” “honey” and “sweetie” are ways male lawyers try to bully women lawyers, she says.