Start Gps navigation system updating

Gps navigation system updating

To do this, you must first check the availability of an Internet connection.

On your navigation device, open the Navitel Navigator program and in its menu find the “Updates” section. Before you open a window with a detailed description of all available maps.

Pressing the “Update” button will give you permission to download them. Before you begin downloading maps, you must first update the Navitel Navigator application along with the activation file.

Therefore, with the actualization of GPS maps, you can easily manage on your own. And prepare to ensure that you take time to complete all necessary actions. If your Internet connection does not differ greatly by speed, then prepare to wait.

For a long time these navigation maps have been considered one of the best.

Connect the navigation device to a personal computer or laptop.

This can be done either using a USB cable, or using a memory card.

If it’s time to update the navigation data of Garmin, then a special application called Garmin Express will help in this.

It exists in two versions – for Windows and for Apple computers. And it is necessary to act as follows: Pay attention to the fact that maps and updates to them, as a rule, weigh a lot. You just need to keep a sequence of specific actions. You can also do this in the “Updating maps” section.

Without a navigator, a modern motorist can not do without.

It is thanks to the cards on these devices that the owners of vehicles easily navigate the roads and do not risk losing their course.

Turn on the device and open Navitel Navigator on it. It is also necessary to update Garmin maps from time to time, because the updated versions of them contain more accurate data, exactly which you will not have to doubt.