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Crisis Text Line is actually a side effect of the highly successful teen volunteer network Lublin has developed over the last several years, Do

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But after a few weeks of sending out text messages, the site began to receive text message replies. The service works much like a traditional support hotline: experienced, accredited counselors stand by waiting for individuals to call out for help.

Most of these messages were innocuous—a positive comment or suggestion—but some of them were alarming. But instead of counseling by phone, it’s done via text message.

Nancy Lublin, founder of Do, hopes to change that.

Her new endeavor, Crisis Text Line, may be the answer for millions of children and teens in need of professional counseling.

Teens are much more likely to emote their true feelings when typing it onto a screen than when speaking face-to-face or even over the phone. Counselors can send out text messages at regular intervals to ask whether the child took the course of action they agreed upon or whether they are in need of more help.