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An exploitative boyfriend uses multiple tactics to exert power and control over their partners with the goal of intimidating their victim into feeling like they do not have an equal voice.

In a relationship, the key to success is unconditional love, respect, and trust.

This is the story of one young woman’s attempt to get justice, only to experience firsthand why so many victims of sexual assault don't think it's even worth reporting the crime to the police.“Ultimately, police are the largest obstacle to the prosecution and conviction of rapists in the United States,” Kansas University law professor Corey Rayburn Yung wrote in a 2016 analysis “Rape Law Gatekeeping.” “Police disbelieve rape victims far more often than the public and other agents involved in rape investigations.” Yung explains that, as a result of strong cultural biases against victims of sexual assault, police do not fully investigate the crime and that allows rapists to go free, thinking they can get away with additional sexual violence in the future.

Taylor believes her case exemplifies the horrific way this can play out.

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Some days she feels empowered, determined to keep speaking up on behalf of herself and victims everywhere, and other days she feels hopeless, convinced that her efforts have been futile and that the guys who raped her will never be punished.

He denied the allegations related to the investigation and denied that he acted inappropriately with Taylor.