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Dating help getting girlfriend

Otherwise you will be stuck in the cycle of meeting a girl and losing her and then meeting another girl and another girl and losing them too.

Make sure also not to go too overboard after you have both had sex together the first time either.

A man ultimately seeks that special woman who will love him, inspire him and who he can love back unconditionally. Let me start by asking you this: Will you find a girlfriend by continuously sleeping with a never-ending list of women until something just ‘clicks’ with one of them?

Will you find a girlfriend through your social circle?

This results in the other one taking them for granted, and to be completely honest with you, it reeks of desperation.

A girl might say she likes a guy to call her and be available to spend lots of time with her, but in reality, women love to chase the guy and they respect him a whole lot more when he has demonstrated to them that he has a busy life and a fully booked diary of social events.

Women want to date a man who has high standards, as it makes us feel more special to be with him, and it also make us believe we have had to work for it.

So make sure you have a clear idea of what you want and don’t be afraid to convey this to her.

It’s worth mentioning here that a lot of guys come to me or my courses is because they literally are out of practice when it comes to talking to women in clubs and bars, because they had spent years relying on introductions to girls from their circle of friends.