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Extensive mountain ranges to the east of the Tibetan Plateau mark the border with China, and the towering Himalayas of Nepal and India form a barrier between Tibet and India.

or provoked his groom Longam (Lo-ngam) into a duel.

You don’t want that dust ending up back on your freshly cleaned baseboards. Check out the magic eraser after going over this area.

Use a sponge or magic erase to go over the wet area. You can rinse the sponge or magic eraser as needed during the process.

I find that damp cotton swabs do the job really well! Anything small that will fit into all of those cracks and crevices. This not only repels dirt and static but it will put a coating on the area so that dust, pet hair, and more just fall right off.

Tibetan history, as it has been recorded, is particularly focused on the history of Buddhism in Tibet.

I used a small brush but you can use whatever tool works for you! Just try eliminating the dust from the area and that will help you to make this entire process quicker.

Once you brush it away, be sure to use a broom and dustpan to get it out of your way completely.

However, there is a "partial genetic continuity between the Paleolithic inhabitants and the contemporary Tibetan populations".